oblique pro scooter series

may 25th

Oblique Pro is proud to announce details of the first Oblique Pro scooter run being held in Christchurch at Knights Stream Skatepark. The scooter community here is keen for a chance to ride and demonstrate the skills against each other.


Where: Knights Stream Skatepark,


When:  Saturday, May 25th  

Event Starts: 12:30am ~

First Run: 1 - 3 pm

Event Details

Age Groups - At the moment we are going to wait until we know how many riders there will be and their ages before setting the age groups.  But we are thinking of Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 15s, Over 15s

Run Times - Under 10s and 12s will have 20 seconds and Under 15s and Over 15s will have 45 seconds.

Prizes - Prizes will be given out in each Age Group for the BEST RUNS and spot prizes for BEST TRICKS and others.

Scoring - Each run will be scored on a basic scoring system to make it easy and fun for the guest judges.


              Style - Landing tricks cleanly and making tricks look easy.

              Consistency - Stay on your scooter to get more points. Crashes and feet on the ground will lose you points.

              Diversity - Showing a variety of tricks and using the skatepark to its full.

Skatepark Sections - This is a public park so we must keep it open for all to use. Please be careful and polite to everyone using the park. If we see anyone who is registered for this event not being respectful to others then you will be eliminated from this event.

See the image below to which areas you can use for your RUN and where you can practice.

The area within the RED line is where you will be able to use for your run. The far right YELLOW section is for practice and other people to use. Note other people may come into our RED event area which we must give way to.

Something to think about . . . . 

This is a casual event to put a little organisation into a social day at the park with your friends. We want all riders to have fun and at the same time get to experience a ‘competition’ like event.​

This is our first scooter event so we will try our best to make it run as smoothly as possible but we hope you will understand if there are some issues.  At the end of this event, we will have a questionnaire for you to fill out to help us make the next scooter event even better. 

Registration Form

You must register your NAME and AGE first before you can join in the scooter event.

Thank your reading this and registering for this event. We hope you'll enjoy yourself. Check out some of the videos from the ASA Australia National Finals 2019 below.

ASA Finals Thumbnail U7s.jpg

Under 7s Runs

ASA Finals Thumbnail Pros.jpg

Pro Mens Runs

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ASA Australisa