How to Watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

The talk over the last week has been how to watch the Rugby World Cup which much of the information being available for the last few months but to help relieve a bit of the stress here is a guide to watch the games however you can.

1. Free-to-air, TVNZ. Twelve games will be free-to-air on TVNZ 1 with some live and some delayed one hour.


- Friday September 20 / Pool A (opening match) / Japan v Russia / LIVE

- Saturday September 21 / Pool B, NZ v South Africa / Delayed 1 hour

- Saturday September 28 / Pool C, Tonga v Argentina / LIVE

- Wednesday October 2 / Pool B, Match 20 / NZ v Canada / Delayed 1 hour

- Friday October 4 / Pool B, South Africa v Italy / LIVE

- Sunday October 6 / Pool B, NZ v Namibia / Delayed 1 hour

- Wednesday October 9 / Pool D, Fiji v Wales / LIVE

- Saturday October 12 / Pool B, Match 34 / NZ v Italy / Delayed 1 hour

- One quarter final: TBC, but will be the NZ match, assuming progression / Delayed 1 hour

- Saturday October 26 / Semi-final / LIVE

- Sunday October 27 / Semi-final / LIVE

- Saturday 2 November 2 / Final and medal ceremony / LIVE

*NOTE* No games will be on TVNZ OnDemand.

2. SPARK SPORT. Through either the Spark Sport's app or online website is the only way to watch all 48 games LIVE with every match also on demand. The schedule for all games is here on the RugbyWorldCup site with the times in your local time

The price now is $89.99 for all 48 games. If you planned this out a few months earlier then it would've been $30 cheaper.

Also up until a few days ago Spark had it free any NEW Spark Broadband customers but I can't seem to find it anymore. For existing customers there was nothing until today when I got an email telling me I could get the package free or a refund if I had already brought the RWC Tournament Pass which I had.

3. DUKE TV. (Freeview 13 or Sky 23) If for whatever reason Spark Sport have a problem then they will transfer the affected game over to TVNZ's Duke channel (Freeview 13 or Sky 23) with in minutes which means that game will become Free-to-air.

So how to actually watch the games will depend on you and your device. Some of the current supported devices are:

Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Desktop or Laptop, Mobile devices, Various Smart TVs. For the full list go to here.

Best to either use your home wifi or connect directly with a lan cable with your laptop or computer or smart TV.

Once you are ready then the last and probably the most important thing to do is be prepared for whatever happens. So that means you can test your internet connection now on different devices and try it when the games are most likely be on. You can test your connection here.

Have a backup plan for whatever reason your device or connection isn't working so that you don't miss out on the games you want to watch.

I am sure we will get to see all the games and there will be a few problems along the way but I hope this helps a little bit with your plans to watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.