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1881 - 2020

Lancaster Park

New Brighton Hot Pools

The New Brighton Hot Pools are finally here for everyone to enjoy. They have been in the making for the last 2 years to help regenerate the area and bring back the people to the suburb.

The video below shows how it looked before any major work started on the deconstruction of the stands (after the Hadlee Stand came down).

Here we see the Tui Stand at the south-east (Port Hills end) of the ground almost gone and the roof on the Paul Kelly Stand coming off. 

The Hadlee Stand and Tui Stand have gone, roofs on both the Paul Kelly Stand and  Stand has gone and now left is the main seating areas to be demolished.

We are almost a few months away from the whole stadium being gone with only the main framework on each stand left. Soon it will be covered in green grass with various different sports groups using it.